Pick Up Your Pet's Piles

Dear Owners, Residents, Visitors, Friends & Neighbors:
We have a BIG problem at Eastbrooke and it is PILING UP everywhere around the property!
Have you noticed that your lawn has not been mowed recently? That is because there are PILES of DOG POOP all over the common area lawn.
Both Eastbrooke and the Town of Brighton have rules/laws against Poop not being picked up immediately upon deposit. 
AT EASTBROOKE: owners must keep pets leashed, owners must clean up after their pets, owners must carry the necessary equipment to immediately clean up after their pets. THEY POOP - YOU SCOOP! Do not discard pet waste on the property, by the creek or in a pail near your unit. BAG IT AND PLACE IN YOUR REFUSE CONTAINER ! Pets must not be left unattended outside, are not allowed to be chained or tied to lamp posts, patios, trees or any other common element. Chains and leashes may not be left on common area or attached to inside the unit & hang out the door.
IN BRIGHTON: No more than 3 dogs per home. The Town Animal Code is attached. Pay close attention to article 40-5 through 40-9 and 40-19. Animal Control # is 585.784.5120.
The Board of Managers has directed Kenrick Corporation to fine owners/residents who do not pick-up after their pets. Be watching for your fine letter in the mail, if this situation pertains to you. Once the grass is clear of POOP the staff will mow your area again.
For barking/howling/off leash complaints - Call Animal Control.
Everyone working together for the betterment of the community.

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