Condominium association living is very different than individual home living. By signing the deed to your condo at closing, you agreed to uphold all the governing documents at Eastbrooke (Declaration, By-laws, Rules & Regulations).

If you have questions concerning the policies and/or variance process, please call or email the Property Management office 

Decks, Fences, and Balconies Handbook

  • Balconies at the Townhomes of Eastbrooke Condominium were part of the original design of the condominium. 

  • Decks and fences are optional features added at the discretion of individual homeowners. Homeowners will be responsible for all costs involved in installing and maintaining the structures. 

Garage and Parking Rules & Regulations

Rules and regulations regarding the common parking area and use of unit garage.

Garden Regulations

Planting, gardening, and other general landscape rules and regulations.

Lease Addendum

  • Condominiums may be leased long-term two years after purchase.

  • Homeowners are required to provide their renters a copy of the by-Laws and Rules & Regulation.

  • Homeowners are required to have their renters signed this Lease Addendum, and submit it, along with contact information of the renter(s) to the Property Management Office.

Pets Rules

  • Homeowners and residents are asked to be cooperative in attending to their pets. Listed is a set of rules that must be observed relative to pet control for the common good. 

  • Also - the Town of Brighton has an animal control code that applies to homeowners and residents of Eastbrooke.

Pool Policies

Pool policies, procedure & safety plan

Rules & Regulations

  • The Policies of the Eastbrooke Homeowners Association contains the everyday rules and regulations of the Association.

  • Each policy decision has been made by the Board of Managers (BOM). You should become familiar with these policies and what they contain.

  • This document contains House Rules"


November 01, 2019

Snow Policies

Winter Parking rules go into effect November 1st each year. Please read carefully.

Town of Brighton Animal Code

Please see EB Pets Rules for additional information regarding keeping pets in our community

Trash Removal Regulations

Trash and refuse regulations.

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