Holiday Decorations Regulations Reminder

October 28, 2018

Dear Owners & residents:


What is common area at Eastbrooke? Common area in a Condominium neighborhood is anything that is outside your front/rear/garage door; including driveways, shrub or flower beds, stoops, sidewalks, roads, lawn, etc.…. Common area is not owned by any individual & therefore there are guidelines for its use.

As fall presents itself and holidays are right around the corner, here are a few common area reminders for Eastbrooke:

1. All grills are to be used 10 ft away from any combustible item and stored inside garages, storage rooms or on patio/decks once they are cold. They are not to be left in driveways or on the side of the building or used/stored on balconies.
2. Hanging baskets are not to be hung from light poles, trees, and fence or attached to any part of the building.
3. Garden decoration over 2 ft high may not be placed in beds w/o an approved variance; this includes any kind of decoration (i.e. metal art, flags, sculptures, etc.)
4. Garden decoration must be removed by November 15th 
5. Bird feeders, bird baths, bird houses are not permitted at Eastbrooke – rats love them.
6. Hoses cannot stay attached to the building (including the spigot) and must be removed when not in use. They are not to be left in the driveway or on any common area, store them away in the garage, basement or storage room.
7. Christmas/Hanukah decorations may be displayed from Thanksgiving to January 6th, (approx. 6 weeks).
8. Other holiday decorations may be displayed for 3 weeks prior & 3 weeks following the holiday (i.e. Halloween 10/10 – 11/20/18; Thanksgiving 11/1/18 – 12/13/18.)
9. Decorations are allowed on stoops (do not block entry), balconies, front doors.
10. Holiday lights may be placed on bushes or in trees near unit.
11. No decorations in driveways, sidewalks, light poles, garage door, roofs, suspended from balconies or attached to buildings.
12. No free standing yard decoration, including inflatables are allowed.
13. Garage doors must be kept closed at all times.

These are just a few reminders. For a complete listing refer to the Rules and Regulations document available here.

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