Garage Overghead Doors

November 17, 2017

KEEP YOUR GARAGE OVERHEAD DOOR CLOSED AT ALL TIMES, except when entering or exiting the garage w/your vehicle or taking out your refuse/recycling containers.

YOU ASK WHY? The condo above the garage is directly impacted when overhead doors are left open. It causes their furnace to run more often & makes it difficult to keep a comfortable temperature in the condo. It also causes the water pipes above the garage ceiling to freeze and bust making a horrible mess.

YOU ASK WHEN? Every day - every season! Open doors make it harder to heat in winter, and harder to cool in the summer. Plus it secures your garage items from would-be thieves!

DID YOU KNOW? That keeping your garage door closed at all times is a rule at Eastbrooke? Non - compliance with this rule is subject to a fine levied on your account.  

Condominium association living is very different than individual home living. By signing the deed to your condo at closing, you agreed to uphold all the governing documents at Eastbrooke (Declaration, By-laws, Rules & Regulations). Maybe it is time to find those documents and refresh your memory. Can’t locate them, call Kenrick Corporation to order a set.

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